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Thursday, Aug. 21st 2014 @ 6.22

As of yesterday, my surgery is healing well. No more MRSA. No more infection. Maybe now I can get off the antibiotics for a while! I was on them since June for this and that. It really made me cringe that I had to be sick while I was on them. I rarely was awake. I slept for 30+ hours at a time. When I was awake, I was sick, vomiting, and generally just ill. I hate what antibiotics do to me. I wish there were an alternative, other than having a raging infection running through me.

Work is going good. I managed to piss off my boss twice this week. Once for not finishing my work before I left, and I had honestly forgotten about the last part, and once for wearing what he thought was the same shirt I wore Monday. At least I’m wearing a bra these days. Willingly. Yes, my spirit has been broken. I follow the rules now. My brain has been washed. My mind is no longer mine. I am slowly conforming to a society woman. I don’t like the thought of that. I liked being me and me alone. I really enjoyed being someone different. Oh well. Joey still follows me around at work, waiting on me to order him around, since I hired him, so I guess that makes me somewhat special.

Zinnia is walking now. Yup, my baby girl is growing so fast. I remember when she was so little we had to put pillows around the edge of the bed that faces the wall so she wouldn’t fall between the bed and the wall, like my wedding band did the other day and I spent an hour searching for it, while pulling out the trash that had accumulated there, and tossing it into the trash can. Baby girl gets away from me all the time now. I have to keep a close eye on her. I spent so much time chasing her Monday evening that I was so exhausted I slept through my evening appointments. Oh well. Carl and Joey can handle work. I’m sure they are more than qualified to do so.

Chloe didn’t want to go back to school this year, even though we bought her all new supplies. Notebooks, pens, a binder, a purple backpack. I think she threatened us, with her “consequences will be fierce” remark if we made her go back to school. I wonder what that meant? So far she hasn’t done anything but complain about having to get up “at the crack of dawn” to go to school. I’m sure she’ll get used to it soon enough. I posted a ton of pictures of the kids on FB. If you wanna see pictures of my little ones, especially since the sex offender is visiting my site (the pedo who got the private school teaching job in Ohio), I doubt that I will ever post pictures of the kids here again. There’s just something wrong with a 40 year old man who searches “big man fcking infant” on the internet in his spare time at work. I’m sure that was very Christian of you and the fundie who ran the school agreed with me. *snicker He was fired, but that’s about all that came out of it.

So that’s a day in my life. I have to snark or my brain goes back to obeying the “rules”. I won’t obey them. I really want to get away from all of these rules and just go back to being the quirky ole me that I loved years ago. I’m sure I can do it.


Tuesday, Aug. 19th 2014 @ 3.58



Monday, Aug. 18th 2014 @ 8.59

Oh work, how I did not miss you so. But I’m up here near the list of graduates, so I might as well take some pics. At least it’s quiet now. No noise. That will soon change. :-)

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Friday, Aug. 15th 2014 @ 1.55

I’m still waiting on my prognosis report. Support and prayers that it is good and that I don’t need any more surgeries for a long time.



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Thursday, Aug. 14th 2014 @ 3.46

My lip is healing fairly well. I can smile, laugh, eat solid foods (with a fork), and the hard scab tissue is gone. I’ve been keeping it moist with medicated Chapstick and Listerene. Plus I’ve been using the topical rinses that my dentist prescribed me, and lots of rest. Of course I rarely stop smiling. Life is just so good to me. It especially has been these past few days.

I’m off of work for medical leave. I couldn’t talk plain enough to do lectures and I didn’t want to be involved with the lab set ups with an open sore on my lips. Plus I couldn’t wear any lipstick and I felt naked. Ha ha. But I made an effort. I went in to the University on my own time and on my own will and checked up on things. Things are doing great there. I love my co workers so much, though it’s the students that keep me going back there. I really adore them. It’s amazing to be in control of young minds, of shaping and forming them to think the way you do, or leave a black mark on their permanent record.

BTW, I think my Coke cans are trying to tell me something:

2014-08-14 09.59.39 2014-08-13 12.02.46

Weird, huh?

Back to school supplies shopping! I really didn’t want to go today, but I feel so damned good that I decided it was for the best that I go while I felt good enough to get out of the LazEboy and do something for the first time in a week. I feel so damned tired all the time, but not today. I wonder why? Not that I’m complaining or anything.


Saturday, Aug. 9th 2014 @ 9.07

The summer is going great. So to say.

twilight_zone_eye_beholderI had surgery on Thursday and my face is so swollen I can barely breathe properly. My lips are swollen and I can’t eat solid food. But the doctor says that I’m going to be eating solids today so I can go home tomorrow. Remember that Twilight Zone episode, Eye of the Beholder? Where the woman wanted to be “beautiful” but all the “beautiful” people had fucked up faces? My lips look like those monsters. Swollen on one side, painful to touch, hiked up on one side. I could post pictures of myself, but I don’t want to scare anyone. I look pretty bad. The worst of it is that the only medicine I can have is penicillin, in a pill form, and it’s so damned hard to get my mouth open to swallow the pills. Then when I get them in my mouth, I dribble water all over the place because my lips don’t properly close around the straw. Yet the nurse came in at 8am with my meds and made me take them. To make matters worse, I can’t have any pain medication. None. Nothing. Not even a topical. I had to get the new intern at work to smuggle me in some Tylenol for my migraine I’m suffering from, and some hard coffee to help reduce the pain. I don’t see how I am going home tomorrow when I can’t eat today and I’m suffering so from the pain in my head and my lip. Plus the infection and swelling is so distressing, I really don’t know what I’m going to do.

Lots of things are going through my mind right now. Will I ever be able to wear lipstick and lipglass again? When will the pain go away? Am I going to have to bribe or threaten Joey to bring me coffee and pain killers every hour? How am I going to take my medication tonight? So many questions. Plus school starts in less than three weeks. How will I be able to talk to do lectures? This scarring on my lips wasn’t planned, but I was so out of it from the anesthetic that I bit my cheek, and then to clip the excess skin that I had bitten off, the doctor slipped and cut my lip. I know it was an accident, but damn. Am I going to be deformed for life because of this?

I’ve been awake for 16 hours. I should get back to sleep. To sleep this off is laughable. I can’t sleep because of the pain. But maybe if I try I can get some rest and the rest will help heal my lip. One can hope anyway.

Any advice for me for when I get home? Any medicated chapstick-like products can you recommend for me to put on this? What about pain killers? Should I use my migraine medications to stop the pain or should I load up on fentanyl when I get back home?

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Saturday, Jul. 26th 2014 @ 9.57

2014-07-25 03.37.42


2014-07-25 02.56.28


2014-07-26 18.02.38


Actually, I love the attention. I have a reader for life in that stalker of mine, they bump my site’s hits up a couple hundred every time they come here. I wonder what she’s looking for, though, digging through my posts. I’m guessing that she’s waiting for me to post her latest scam where she pretended to be four other bloggers and asked for pictures of  my kids, for “blog entries” she claimed. I knew she was going to post them on child porn revenge sites like she has Mason and Jenn (what did I try to tell you back in January? Oh well.). I seem to actually be getting a reader base now, but I don’t have the emotional strength to post daily anymore. Plus my host has yet to tell me how to get my entries back up here from June. Back to the moron, I wonder if she’s going to break TOS of Ripoff Report.com again and post “her story” that doesn’t include her losing any money at all (which is what Ripoff Report is for). I’m sure now she’ll go back there and post how I’ve stolen millions of dollars from her that she gained through the Canadian Government and Shawn Speller’s drug money, but really. Does she really believe the things she posts? I hope she makes another post. I need a couple more hits and the Google PR in the linkage. Plus the lulz is priceless.

Normally I wouldn’t give a fuck about this, but it’s just gotten so entertaining.

I appreciate all the posts regarding my mother and my emotional well being. As you can see, when I’m not going through my mother’s stuff, I’m online being entertained by retarded mongs and any sadness flies out the window in a burst of lulz at their attempts to “pwnage” and “insult” me. It’s entertaining that the best insult they can come up with is “fat”. Isn’t that cute? Fatass. Fatso. Fat slut. How original. No wonder there are hate sites about this bitch up. She’s just that stupid that she thinks her elementary school aged insults bother people. That being fat is an excuse to write Ripoff Reports about someone and exaggerate what they are about online. I’m just a boring writer who happens to be a teacher. I never expected to gain such fame online because I said I disliked one worthless Canadian. Many people have expressed their dislike for her, but now she’s claiming and entire thread on GOMI is written by me and my aliases. So that’s what I spend my time doing. Writing and commenting on GOMIs as different people all day just so I can start a thread about her some random day and make it look like a lot of people dislike her, but support Daily Krystal. Of course! You have it all figured out! Genius! Why aren’t you rich if you’re so smart?

The best part in all of this is I’m an apparent murderer. Though I must be at large because the cops haven’t caught me, but old Krystole has, and apparently she has my location (not) and phone number (try again), but just can’t convince the police to come arrest me for murder. Why is that? I wonder who I killed? Who died because I changed websites or said that I didn’t like them, or that I didn’t get along with t hem, online? Who dies from that? Is that a new cause of death? Better alert the medical examiner!

Is anyone else as amused as I am or is this all just a waste of time? I’m leaning more towards a waste of time, but you gotta admit, it was a better read than reading about Chloe’s nineth birthday party that almost wasn’t.



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