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Wednesday, Oct. 15th 2014 @ 7.29


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Tuesday, Oct. 14th 2014 @ 7.53

Tell me about the good in your life.

2014-10-04 20.14.44

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Tuesday, Sep. 30th 2014 @ 10.14


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Friday, Aug. 29th 2014 @ 8.04

For our Labour Day Weekend, husband and I are taking the girls and going to the lake. I wouldn’t call it camping because there are cabins there that we will be staying in, but it’s going to be a small adventure. I’m thinking about going on the road with him in the near future, but I don’t know yet. There’s nothing written in stone about it yet. Either this spring or in October.


I have nothing more to say. How about that?

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Thursday, Aug. 28th 2014 @ 6.33

It’s Thursday already? Where has the time gone? I remember waking up and it was Monday morning! Oh well. I love the idea that fall is on the way. Makes me think of sweat pants, hot chocolate, fireplace fires, cooler weather. I’m all for cooler weather after the scorcher we’ve had this week. September always means cooler weather, just like March means warmer weather.

I can’t say much has gone on. I bought some items from MAC’s Simpsons Collection today. That should be exciting. What really made me laugh about that collection is the yellow lipglass they’re trying to pawn off. It’s the same shade as the Simpson’s character’s skin!

I have a three day weekend off this coming week. That’s another good thing. I could use the time off. Give me time to clean up around the bedroom, at least. We live like slobs, but I don’t mind. It’s no like we have judgmental friends or anything. Most of our friends live the same way we do. Maybe I’ll clean more of my mother’s stuff out. I’ve been lagging at doing that because it means our move is coming up, and I don’t want to think about that. I don’t even want to go on the road trip in the spring, if I can help it.

Chloe wants me to help her with her homework, so I’m signing off for now. See ya tomorrow!

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Monday, Aug. 25th 2014 @ 8.57

I washed my hair in Biolage Matrix shampoo and conditioner last night and tonight, and I think my hair is actually better. I gave up on having soft, shiny hair a long time ago, but I really think this might do the trick!

I have a physical in the morning. Wish me well. I hope it comes back that I can continue my work and research, but we’ll see.

I wish fall would hurry up and get here. I have a new theme that I’m itching to put up. It’s all done up in greyscale colours of fall, but I think it’s pretty. It’s creative, I’ll give you that. I spent hours looking for the right brushes, fonts, making graphics, making backgrounds, coming up with a creative title.

Zinnia’s learning new words every day. I’m really excited for her. She’s super smart, like her momma. ;-) Chloe is used to school now. She doesn’t fight us or whine when we try to get her off to school in the  mornings. Poor kid. Her spirit is broken. She’s given in to the fact that she’ll never be free until Spring Break.

I’m making some changes around here. I hope you’ll stick around to see them through. Maybe you will like them.

My mind is all over the place today. Can you tell? I need to just take my medicine and call it a night, but I’m not tired at all. I have some paper work to finish, some more to start, a report to fill out, and some more work to get done before I can call it a night. Not that I’m dying to get into bed or anything. I just really want to catch up on my paper work. Joey isn’t doing any paper work around the lab, so he’s essentially useless. I wanted someone to help with the paper work, not follow me around like a half grown female pup, going over what I have done and then doing that same job the next day before I come in. It’s frustrating. Almost like having another little kid, only this one is an adult.

I’ve downloaded some books I could be reading on my Kindle Fire. I used to love to read, now I can barely find the time. I have so many projects going on, and so many things that I have to do every day that I just can’t find the time to read anymore.

There was a little bit of excitement today. There was an ambulance outside with its lights flashing, and it took away one of our neighbors. I wonder what happened? I didn’t go out and ask what happened, I just calmly watched from my bedroom window, as they wheeled her out to the ambulance and then whisked her away. She’s nearly my age, so that scares me deeply.

Okay, now it’s time for me to get cleaned up for my physical tomorrow, and get to bed. I bet I can’t sleep tonight. I may have to find an alternative way to get to sleep.

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Thursday, Aug. 21st 2014 @ 6.22

As of yesterday, my surgery is healing well. No more MRSA. No more infection. Maybe now I can get off the antibiotics for a while! I was on them since June for this and that. It really made me cringe that I had to be sick while I was on them. I rarely was awake. I slept for 30+ hours at a time. When I was awake, I was sick, vomiting, and generally just ill. I hate what antibiotics do to me. I wish there were an alternative, other than having a raging infection running through me.

Work is going good. I managed to piss off my boss twice this week. Once for not finishing my work before I left, and I had honestly forgotten about the last part, and once for wearing what he thought was the same shirt I wore Monday. At least I’m wearing a bra these days. Willingly. Yes, my spirit has been broken. I follow the rules now. My brain has been washed. My mind is no longer mine. I am slowly conforming to a society woman. I don’t like the thought of that. I liked being me and me alone. I really enjoyed being someone different. Oh well. Joey still follows me around at work, waiting on me to order him around, since I hired him, so I guess that makes me somewhat special.

Zinnia is walking now. Yup, my baby girl is growing so fast. I remember when she was so little we had to put pillows around the edge of the bed that faces the wall so she wouldn’t fall between the bed and the wall, like my wedding band did the other day and I spent an hour searching for it, while pulling out the trash that had accumulated there, and tossing it into the trash can. Baby girl gets away from me all the time now. I have to keep a close eye on her. I spent so much time chasing her Monday evening that I was so exhausted I slept through my evening appointments. Oh well. Carl and Joey can handle work. I’m sure they are more than qualified to do so.

Chloe didn’t want to go back to school this year, even though we bought her all new supplies. Notebooks, pens, a binder, a purple backpack. I think she threatened us, with her “consequences will be fierce” remark if we made her go back to school. I wonder what that meant? So far she hasn’t done anything but complain about having to get up “at the crack of dawn” to go to school. I’m sure she’ll get used to it soon enough. I posted a ton of pictures of the kids on FB. If you wanna see pictures of my little ones, especially since the sex offender is visiting my site (the pedo who got the private school teaching job in Ohio), I doubt that I will ever post pictures of the kids here again. There’s just something wrong with a 40 year old man who searches “big man fcking infant” on the internet in his spare time at work. I’m sure that was very Christian of you and the fundie who ran the school agreed with me. *snicker He was fired, but that’s about all that came out of it.

So that’s a day in my life. I have to snark or my brain goes back to obeying the “rules”. I won’t obey them. I really want to get away from all of these rules and just go back to being the quirky ole me that I loved years ago. I’m sure I can do it.



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