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The Fifth Low Blood Sugar

09/03/10 10:03 PM

Had another low blood sugar today.

There’s getting to be less and less that I can do during these. This time it came on suddenly while I was chatting with my friend James on a webcam community, and I told him I needed to go lie down for a while. He called me not more than ten minutes later because he said I didn’t look right to him. It was a good thing he did. My glucose level was 40 and dropping. I ate for several minutes and it was only in the 80s. I tried to call my doctor about this, but as I have told several of you, I am scared of what he might do when I refuse the diabetes medications.

I have a blood test on Thursday. One of these tests is to see if I am taking all of my medication as prescribed. If I am not, my doctor threatens me with being committed to a mental hospital. He scared me once, telling me that I’d lose my family, my schooling, my home. He said when I would eventually be released, I would be broke and homeless. It scared me into regularly taking these medications.

What annoys me is that I ate breakfast. Scrambled eggs, an omelette, and a few potato crisps after. I didn’t over exercise. I simply went to class, came home, and washed a load of laundry because none of my shirts were clean and I had to wear the same shirt I wore yesterday. Thank God it was a plain white shirt, so no one really noticed. After I put the laundry in to wash, I was chatting with my friend James about various things, when I started feeling bad. I said I was feeling dizzy and needed to go lay down. I’m glad he called. Dennis was able to bring me some candy to jump start the glucose levels.

This is the part where I’m going to express hatred for my doctor. He’s obsessed with morbid obesity, diabetes, gastric bypass, and pregnancy. Every time I visit his office, he lectures me on one of those four things, no matter what I am there for. “Oh, you fell down the stairs and hurt your leg? If you’s get gastric bypass, you wouldn’t fall down stairs anymore!” It’s getting to the point where if there was any other doctor taking new patients in even Tulsa, I’d go there. I’d switch doctors. Of course he’d put in my file that I’m doctor shopping for narcotics. [sarcasm]Cuz’ I hit him up for them every chance I get![/sarcasm]

I’m off to finish my homework. Smile. It makes people wonder what you’re thinking!

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3 Comments on “The Fifth Low Blood Sugar”

  1. Laane Says:

    I think you lack the basic knowledge when I read this.

    Do you know you need to eat several meals a day, and in betweens?

    Your breakfast isn’t good. It contains too many proteins and not enough carbohydrates. So it won’t last.
    And it isn’t fitting the amount of energy you spend.

    Eat at 8: 2 sandwiches, one ham, one something else, an orange and a mug with milk or a bowl yoghurt.
    eat at 10: 2 cookies, an apple and coffee
    eat at 12 etc etc,

    You can look it up at any diabetes advice site.

    Your meds are not creating your hypos, even if it can be a side effect.
    You create the hypos yourself, because you are not eating what keeps your glucos levels balanced.

    The meds also prevent too high rises of insulin and the following deep downfall.

    I don’t know what you’re taking, so I can’t adjust the advice any further.

    Good luck.

  2. Meesa Says:

    You seriously need to find a new doctor. Who gives a shit what he says about you, if you decide to leave. If he does or says any of that stuff, the other doctors will know he is totally unprofessional. He can’t MAKE you take your medicine, either. Who is going to commit you to a mental hospital for not taking a diabetes pill? Not that I’m saying to quit taking it. I think you need to seek the advice of another doctor to help you get back onto a better track. It has to really suck to feel so bad health-wise. Well, actually, I know it does. I really hope you’re able to find a better doctor. I’m sorry I keep telling you this, but what you post makes me worried.

  3. mike golch Says:

    My question is are you a type ! or a type 2 diabetic? the low blood sugars scare me as well. My wife is a type 1 diabetic and has been for 40 years.when she get a really low blood sugar(25)I have to give her an injection of gluagon.Please take care of your self.if you need to take the meds Please do so.


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