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The Graduate I

09/05/10 10:06 PM

I graduate tomorrow. Duh, right? I’ve been posting about it since I started classes in 2007.

I think communication is not my strong point because people started piling in today, for my graduation. Here. In our house. Fifteen people who all assumed that they could crash here in our puny four-bedrooms-that-are-all-occupied home. We don’t have a couch anymore, and the floor is littered with boxes of movies my mom brought over for me several days ago. Movies that I am getting rid of on Listia.

So where are all these people going to sleep? They’re not like Dennis’ band mates and able to just tent out on the floor. Josh is complaining that he needs a mattress because his back hurts. James said the floor smells funny. Michelle…well, she doesn’t sleep on floors. Those are just the ones not being difficult. People are also expecting us to feed them. That’s not so bad because we had a ton of food here and they’re only going to be here for a few days, but shitWhere are all these people going to sleep????

Dennis suggested we give up our bed to Josh and anyone else who couldn’t sleep on the floor due to health reasons, but then my back would be killing me, and I wouldn’t be able to get across the stage tomorrow.

Who’d have thought getting a degree would be this hard? :)

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2 Comments on “The Graduate I”

  1. silvergirl Says:

    Congratulation!!! maybe they can sleep in the sofa..or comforter can be mattress too..

  2. Sandra Rose Hughes Says:

    wow, that’s a dilemma. Are there any bathtubs free?


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