Treatment #9 Monday, December 29, 2014
Ninth treatment of sixteen. I can do this!
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Deep and Dark December

28/12/10 6:42 PM

I have a bad feeling that Chloe has been taking my percocets. There are several missing, and while her father’s vices are slowly re-emerging, I don’t see him as the type who would take pain medicine away from me, especially knowing that I am suffering so. I don’t know how to go about checking to see if she has taken the medicine or what. I asked, and she didn’t confess to anything, but that could be because she has learned to lie. Where she picked up that filthy habit, of lying, I don’t know.

Dennis and I haven’t been eating right lately. I feel a little better, so I’m snarfing down nachos, Cheetos, Doritos, cheese, candy left over from Christmas, and Coke. Yes, I’m back drinking sodas again. I was giving some shit about that, but I really don’t care. If I want to drink it, I will. There’s no law that says I can’t.

January 4th I go back to see my surgeon. January 5th, I go to the back specialists. My (asshole!) physician charged me $98 for a “missed appointment fee” and when I called to complain about this, his response was, “If it hurts, you won’t do it again. My time is very valuable.” WTF? I’ve waited over an hour past my appointment times to see him before! I didn’t charge him any fees for that! The icing on the cake is that this little charge has put my credit card $35 in the hole. I have to pay it all up by Friday or lose my eight year old account. Bastards. Merry Christmas to you, too. Of course my physician doesn’t want to see me until this bill is paid in full. Lovely, nice man, huh? I owe Doc Mick over $2,000, but guess what? He’s still going to see me next week and administer my treatment. I owe this guy just a little over $400 and he’s acting like I’ve robbed him blind. Oh well. Can’t win them all, huh?

I need an escape. I wonder if we have anymore Cokes in the fridge. :D

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