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Good Bye Sandee

29/12/10 12:11 PM

When I first found Sandee’s blog in 2001, I was a misfit soul. I wanted nothing but what was best for me, and I didn’t particularly care how I got it. Reading through her entries, I assumed she was riding on the coattails of a recent outed cancer faker, but after nearly a year of writing, producing pictures of her treatments, and descriptive details of her survival, I opened up to Sandee, because it was clear that she wasn’t just blowing smoke up our asses. Back in the days following the Kaycee ordeal, many, many, many bloggers, some popular, some not so popular, suddenly had terminal cancer. Think of it these days as following a trend to get more hits. Sadly, Sandee and I may have been the only ones who did not pretend to have something that no sensible person would wish on their worst enemy. Never mind pretend to give it to a person their friends were closest to.

Four years ago today, my nephew died of cancer that had spread to his brain.

Four months ago, I remember reading that Sandee’s cancer had gone to her brain.

Today, I logged on to FB to read that she had died, today, of her cancer. Cancer that had gone to her brain, after starting somewhere else. I have shared this with few others, since I doubt anyone else would care, or accuse me of “living in the past” since Sandee was one of the first bloggers who inspired me to tell my own story. I can’t link to her blog; she doesn’t have one. Her blogs were at bluetterfly.net and day-without-rain.org. Maybe that will jog the memories of those of you who read her at one time or another. When I come across it, I’m going to post her obituary. It’s only right.

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One Comment on “Good Bye Sandee”

  1. Kimmy Says:

    I found your post to be heart felt and sweet. I know exactly what you mean. How can we believe what is said on the internet, without protecting ourselves at the same time. I find myself doing a lot of praying for people. People with real illnesses, and people that pretend to gain, well, whatever they are looking for. Our society gives attention to the drama queens, and us boring ones can’t break the top 700K on Alexa.

    I am glad you posted this. Bluetterfly Sandee’s, friends, and family will be in my prayers tonight.

    Bless you for posting this.


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