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The Little Things

08/01/11 1:01 PM

Just a quick note to let everyone know that I reply to most comments here on my site. When I reply to these comments, an email is sent to the email address of the commenter that I have replied to.

However, sadly, due to my harasser(s) reporting my blog email address to gMail’s spam center, those replies are being bounced and sent to spam folders. So you’re probably not going to see it if I reply to your comment, unless you come back to the site and click on the comment bubble.

These are just some of the little things my harasser(s) have(s) done that makes my online life a little harder. The other part is they publish novel-sized comments here and on my journal, though those comments are never approved, to let me know how badly they hate me. I know who is doing this, and I am choosing to ignore them, for now. These things don’t bother me. These cowardly acts of commenting, reporting me for spam, lying to my host and claiming I’m hosting photos of them on the server, and so fourth. They’re little annoyances, much like when a fly gets in and keeps landing on you. But also like that fly, if it annoys me much, I’ll capture it and put it outside. Where it belongs. To go bother some cattle or another unfortunate person. But if it bothers another person, it may take on the risk of getting smashed.

Just something to think about. :)

Hope everyone’s weekend is starting out good!

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