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Relapsed Sickness

19/04/11 6:35 AM

Because of my sickness from the previous week, I was hospitalised again. Thrown in isolation, and kept on a strict diet of liquids while passing colossal sized mucous. I’ve still been waking up with more mucous and a sore throat every day, but I was discharged and I’m not interested in going back any time soon! One of the worst things I had to go through was isolation. While I got so many things done, I was alone most of the time. People wouldn’t even call me, let alone visit me. I was hungry. I wanted something to eat that wasn’t hospital food. I was put on medications that I don’t feel I need, even to this day. Thorazine. Fentanyl upgrades. Where did I express that I needed either of those?? Thorazine makes me feel weird, and upgrading the Fentanyl just makes me feel sick to my stomach. But I got some things done while I was holed up in isolation. Things I normally wouldn’t want to do because I’d rather be out and about than stuck inside. A short list:

1. Heard Nick’s two new songs.
2. Watched the videos to said songs.
3. Wrote reviews to be submitted for publishing in June for both songs and videos.
4. Finished the kitty cat journal sent to me by the fabulous SparkleCat.
5. Ate my weight in chocolate provided by Nick.
6. Finished A Wrinkle In Time.
7. Started A Wind in the Door.
8. Finished A Wind in the Door.
9. Started Many Waters.
10. Started a new journal.
11. Was re-introduced to The Cars, Mr. Mister, and other hauntingly beautiful 80’s songs.

Is that enough? Want some pictures? :D

I am scheduled to see an anesthesiologist for my pain. I’m supposed to be getting ready for the trip, which is about four to five hours. But I decided to slip away and update this site to let everyone know that I am alive, feeling better, and on the slow road to recovery. I will survive this.


5 Comments on “Relapsed Sickness”

  1. Silvergirl Says:

    happy to see you back now!! get well soon sweety.

  2. Dave D Says:

    glad you are back on your feet!

  3. anjiknut Says:

    Strange how hospital windows are instantly recognisable. Glad that you are out and free again.

  4. Sparkle Says:

    You FINISHED the journal?! I thought most humans wrote in them for two or three pages and then forgot about them, and then bought new ones, wrote in them for a few pages, and so on in an endless circle of journals. At least that has been the experience of my human and the others she knows. In fact, she has a 2011 daily diary she has not even begun yet, because she does not think her own life is that exciting (and it isn't).

  5. Chrétienne Says:

    I plan on going through about ten of those little journals per year, as I did last year, and one BragTime Book, and a spiral journal. I make sure one entry is five pages long, and I try to write every day. I love writing. It's very therputic for me, plus my journals double as sticker books. :)


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