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Warm October Night Down South

Oct. 24th 2011

This trip has proven to be just what I needed. Two weeks away from work, a week or more in New Orleans, and when we go home, Dennis will be coming home with the family till next year.

As for me, I’ll post more when I can get my lazy butt out of bed and actually to the computer. All my FarmVille crops are gonna wither, and I don’t care ! I’m too much therapeutically intoxicated to be worried about games.

The room is nice and cozy, the air is warm with a hint of incense, and I am very sleepy and relaxed. All while typing on my iPhone. I hope the app doesn’t space on me!

Of course it’s also my little sister’s birthday. Twenty-seven if. I wanted to visit her grave today. I always visit on her birthday and the anniversary of her death. A moment of silence for Rachel, please.

My eyelids are getting heavy and the stars are hypnotizing me into a gentle sleep. Good night everyone. God bless!

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The Return of Cloudzangel aka Megan Lewis

Oct. 21st 2011

Remember Megan Lewis, the serial faker from a town over from me? She’s back bothering me again. This time she’s been sending fuck me! and like wut u c links to Dennis, trying to strike up a cyber affair with him, or something, totally oblivious to the fact that I monitor all email that comes in and can intercept her little love notes to him. This also includes the slutty little emails that she sends him in the middle of the night telling him that he should “drug the shit outta” me, and meet her at some sleazy bar downtown. Shouldn’t she be trolling religion boards that have nothing to do with her? Or spending time with her “boyfriend” whose daughter is older than her? Or making out with her boyfriend’s daughter?

C’mon Megan! Just because I prevented you from committing fraud on desperate men on the internet doesn’t mean that I’m the bad guy! Aren’t you a good Christian girl who shouldn’t be committing fraud online anyway? For someone who is a good Christian girl, you shouldn’t be trying to seduce some one else’s husband, either, even if you’re just doing it to put a snag in my relationship over the fact that I ruined your little online scams. And yes, if I find any more of Megan Lewis’ scams online, I’m going to call her out. She’s supposed to be this superior person who doesn’t dabble in sinful things such as Muslim religion, so why does she find it okay to make fake websites with the sole purpose of defrauding people online?Complete with stolen photos, nevertheless.

For the record, when I confronted Megan about the emails and profiles, she gave me this huge lie that Dennis had been meeting up with her and screwing her brains out all month long, and not on the road making money; funny, cuz I saw many of his shows, live, on TV throughout the entire month. Who should I believe here? The TV, which has never maliciously mislead me? Or a pathological liar who makes fake websites to steal other people’s money? What a tough choice!


China Girl

Oct. 21st 2011
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The Better Camera

Oct. 20th 2011

Here are some images from my new camera that came in today.

Much better images. Even at smaller sizes. I’ve witnessed some very excellent photos on Flickr with that camera, so I want to try out the features. So far the only complaint I have is the camera card that came with it was not so great; my computer kept rejecting it. Thankfully, I have other cards that I could use, so that problem was solved fairly quickly. The other complaint is the batteries seem to run down quicker than the batteries in my vibrator. Of course, there’s still the nagging possibility that I am just a bad photographer and the quality of my photos has nothing to do with the camera.

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Silent Lucidity

Oct. 20th 2011
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Bubble, Bubble

Oct. 19th 2011

Another stressful day. Trevor washed all the dirty laundry he could find around the house to avoid me all day. I spent the day working, replacing the cable box, and taking care of the kids. Now, when Trevor does the laundry, he washes it and dries it, probably on the hottest settings possible to get it done quickly, and then he has to wash it two or three times, and leave it in the dryer for several hours, so my clothes are about three sizes too small when I wear them the next time and he can make fat jokes, but he never seems able to put the laundry away. I was up the other night putting away clothes, sheets and towels, until two in the morning. When I finally passed out, Dennis asked me what I was doing washing laundry all night long. *snarl* I said Trevor washed the laundry, but didn’t put it away. He asked me if I was sure, and I didn’t reply. Trevor did it again today.

After hooking up the new cable box, and this new one doesn’t fit my wireless cable router, so I had to snake a ten-foot fiber optic cable across the bedroom floor that I know is going to end up as a dog chew toy or stepped/stomped on, and broken, I then had the pleasure of setting up the universal remote and setting then figuring out the codes for the TV and DVD recorder. All that on top of finally being approved for a doctor appointment that I am going to have to go to next week before our anniversary. I’m slightly happy about the appointment because attempting to switch doctors has proven to do nothing more than waste my money.

Taking my bath tonight, Chloe came into the bathroom to pee, and saw me snoozing in the tub. She didn’t know one could sleep in the bathtub! She asked me what I was doing, and when I said I was trying to relax, she unscrewed the top off the Mr. Bubble bubble bath and dumped about half the bottle in the bath water, then turned on the faucet! What?! “Feel better? Daddy always says that bubble baths make him feel better,” she said. At first I  was in slight shock, but then as the aloe began to penetrate my skin and the bubbles began to feather out over the water, I started to feel less tense. “This is good. Thanks!” I said. Chloe giggled. “I wish I could relax this well in bed,” I commented. “Okay then! I’ll go put the rest of this in you bed’s water!” she said. I snapped back to reality. “Chloe! No!” I called, as I attempted to jump out of the water. I slipped on the floor of the tub and banged my chin on the tub side. I had to crawl out of the tub, and then slipped on the linoleum bathroom floor. Another bang to my face. I managed to capture Nurse Chloe in the hallway and take the bubble bath away from her. I somehow made it back to the bathroom to wash the bits of dog hair and other strange objects from my body, without my father in law getting a peep show of my naked body in the bathroom or the hallway.

Chloe’s heart was in the right place. I wish I could have finished that bubble bath. Just drying myself off was pleasurable. The silent little snaps of the bubbles as they popped, drying them onto my skin, still warm from the water. I think I need a bubble bath night every week. That should be my new thing. Just for relaxation. A time to get away from life for a while. I can’t do it often, but I can try to do it at least once a week. I deserve some me time, right?

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Now It Works…

Oct. 17th 2011

Yeah, now it works. See why this weird assed software makes me tear my hair out?! And all this time you thought it was the chemotherapy! *kicks domain*

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