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Archive for October, 2011

The Rain In My Heart

Oct. 12th 2011

Some day I will get the mind-set back to post again. Some day.

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Urban Photography

Oct. 11th 2011

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The Draconids Fell

Oct. 9th 2011

Last night the Draconids fell. I wanted to stay awake until I saw the first meteor fall, but I dozed off some time after 10pm. It’s hard to stay awake when the sun is your only means of light. I was surprised that I made it to the camp site. The walk wasn’t that far, maybe a mile or so. Nick set up camp while I took Chloe to the lake to teach her to fish. That part was pretty fun. Chloe wanted to jump in the lake to catch the fish that way. We caught several fish, and brought them back to the camp site. Nick had set up the tent and put our back packs inside, as well as set up the three air mattresses. Chloe and I were going to share a mattress and he had his own, and Billy had the third.

Around 7pm last night I changed into my sleep shorts and a cami. It wasn’t as cold out as I thought it was going to be. The wind was cool, but I like being a little cold. The night sky was bright and I was eager to see the stars. Unfortunately, I fell asleep after dinner, and woke at 4am to look up at a sky of shooting stars. Maybe it was because we weren’t in the city, or maybe it was because I had just woken up, but the meteorites were just brighter. I watched as every few seconds another meteorite blazed across the sky and burned out bright at the end of its journey. The tiny particles of celestial matter glittered across the view that I had from inside the tent. Nick had left the rain shield off of the top of the tent, and I had almost all of the night sky to myself. With all of my fellow camper-mates asleep, it was as if the dazzling show was just for me. I enjoyed every second of it.

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Ana’s Song

Oct. 8th 2011
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Without You

Oct. 8th 2011
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Camping Out

Oct. 8th 2011

When I was in high school, I always assumed I’d become a famous jewelry designer. Four kids and two husbands later, my assorted beads and earring backings were packed away in a plastic sectional Keep Box at the back of the top shelf of my closet. I only discovered it by accident while looking for my FUD (female urination device) to take camping out tonight. Some of the people who love me seem to think that if I tent out under the stars and miss some hours (70 hours or more) of my mother throwing out my things, I may feel better about my life and want to actually live to see my anniversary at the end of the month.

In digging out the FUD, or a box that I assumed it would be in, the plastic box of jewelry supplies tumbled to the ground. Luckily the lid stayed closed. I was amazed at all the pieces in the box that never quite got used:

My favourite are the little pewter cowboy hats that you know are going to become dangly earrings:

Among the pewter hats are ceramic beads, wooden beads painted all colours of the rainbow, copper beads, glass beads, and the material to make one pair of silver french-hook dangly earrings, several gold french-hook dangly earrings, numerous post earrings and two pins. Maybe this is something I can do late at night when Chloe and Nick have fallen asleep and there is nothing more for me to do but stare at the walls of the tent that we are going to be using. I would suggest that I’d be putting some of my creations on Etsy, but I’ve been banned from there for leaving bad reviews on people who have ripped me off. Hey…! Just a thought…. Anyone wanna commission me to make them some earrings or a pin? $10 per pair of earrings, $15 for pins. Limited supplies, designs are originals, and first come, first serve! Meh. Who am I kidding? No one would buy these. There are far too many good designs out there for me to even compete in.

Time to go out for the grand camping trip. Hope I have enough pain medicine. See you on Monday night, or so.

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Rerun of 2010

Oct. 7th 2011

I bought the Godiva bear with Chocolate coins for Chloe’s Halloween present this year:

Looks almost just like a bear that I bought and photographed 366 days ago! Oh wait. As per the words of the Godiva rep, there’s no date on the left foot of this year’s Halloween bear, and the bag is of mesh material instead of the silky orange with black embroidery that was on last year’s candy bag. That photo could have been taken today. Same computer. Same desk. Same small calendar. Same Halloween bear. Here’s hoping that Chloe doesn’t realise that until waaaaay after Halloween.

At least the Christmas bear does not disappoint:

There’s even a dark chocolate and peppermint candy attached to the sweater! Awesome-ness!

I did some work on the site. I deleted some of the plugins that I didn’t use or need, I optimised the database and tables, and guess what came back? My archive page! Like anyone cares. Most people come here for that little yellow bar, click it and leave until the next day they have to come back to earn them self another point from that site, to pile up to how ever many they need to advertise on other’s sites so that their PR will climb. I doubt that anyone really reads my content anymore. The only comments I get are spammers and “Link backers”. Nothing really worth keeping the site open as a blog anymore.

I’m wondering what to do with this place. Nothing exciting happens on here anymore, not even comments. I guess that’s a sign that my blogging days are over. I’m going to be thinking on this more. Till next time.



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