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Another Sparkler

25/04/12 6:59 PM

While I was checking my email this afternoon, I noticed that I had signed up for something, even though I hadn’t. Thinking that it was another one of my co-workers’ idea of a joke, I ignored it. Until I got home and could get a better look. It seems that someone with nearly the same email address as me had signed up for an App and the App company sent their entire account information to my email address! Password and all!

We have the exact same email address, except that person has a dot separating the “crimson” and “sparkle”!

I have not contacted the person to tell them that I have their entire account information as an error from the App they signed up for, but I will. I hope they aren’t mad at me for trying to help them out. I’m happy there is another CrimsonSparkler out there! I have used that name since 1999 and I thought I was the one, the only one, and then I see that someone else uses or at least likes, the username! On the other hand, it’s scary that the App company didn’t pay attention to the email address the person typed in, and sent everything my way. I’d hate for that to happen to me. I didn’t try to break into the person’s email or anything like that, and I didn’t try the password anywhere. It’s just very unnerving that something like that could happen.

Not much else to update on. Work is going well, Chloe’s schooling is going well, I haven’t been in any severe pain lately, we got a new, wave-less bed, I saw some bedding that I am saving up to buy with my “credit limits” and that’s about it. I’m excited to be working this summer on some good ole fashioned research-type work! I’m a far better researcher than I am a teacher. I love to find out information, not regurgitate it. I also got a stack of fresh, clean, blank journals to start writing in this summer, starting with the dog version of the cat journal SparkleCat got me last year (was it last year or 2010?). I also had a bird journal sent to me that is slightly bigger than the rest. I am going to use it second. Writing and research, it’s what I was meant to do!

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