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Scum Bustin’ Makes Me Feel Good

11/11/12 7:32 PM

I had a treatment today. That made me feel bad. To make things worse, it was a treatment without the special pain killers that make me numb and feel as though I am floating while being treated. A twenty-two year old mother of a four year old was getting her first treatment — as soon as she calmed down enough, and I decided to let her have my dose. The nurse asked me three times if I was sure. I stood my ground and said I was. Poor woman came over and hugged me before her dose of Floaty.

Treatment was mild today. Or else I’m becoming immune to it. I was able to think, read and write throughout the entire infusion, as well as coming home. I believe I was given significantly less poison this time.

Coming home, my phone buzzed to let me know I had a text message. Low and behold, it was the ex that I written about yesterday! Only he wasn’t so happy to be contacting me. Clearly he had read my post, as well as some Facebook posts where I had made fun of him being so enthused with trashing me that he actually trashed getting blow jobs in general, and asked several of his male friends to back him up on that. Not only was this out of his normal now-prude attitude, but it offended several of the sincere women-respectful guys on his list, and they dropped him like a hot potato in the night. Some emailed me afterwards and offered their apologies to me. For what I don’t know, unless the ex has some sort of mental illness that he’s also hiding from his acres of adoring, prude fans who only see him as a non-threatening all around great guy. Oopsie doodle! :)

I ignored the text. An hour later, Ex emails me, asking if I had ever heard of a site –is anybody down–a site run by a man with multiple personality disorder who caters to the voices in his head. He’s been hearing them for the past decade, which he has dedicated his life to romancing and getting nudes and personal info out of women via Craigslist.com, and  posting said photos and information on his site, then turning around and posting as a “lawyer” to take the nudes and info down — at a fee of $250 a pop. But guise! He has to do this because we’ve got the worst president since Carter! –says the twenty-eight year old man. Um, fuck you. You weren’t even born yet while Carter was in office! Perhaps this man is angry because those women got a good look at a twenty-eight year old man with multiple piercings, convictions and generally still living as a demented fourteen year old, and they quickly left him, leaving him to the only option left: Molesting the family dog.

It’s always a sign of a weak-minded person to extract revenge on someone by “exposing” them on the internet. I have a Canadian bitch who regularly posts an African American woman’s genitals on various sites around the web to “teach me a lesson” of not shutting my mouth up, giving her my domain and submitting myself to her. Or something like that. I’m not sure why she uses that same woman’s genitalia, it certainly isn’t mine, and I certainly never posted it on the web anywhere, so I assume that she’s just that bat shit insane.

I casually replied to the ex asking if he was attempting to black mail me. Either I take down my post(s), make those friends of his come back, or he was going to post some innocent woman’s genitals on the internet to seek revenge out on me!!!!1111 Or worse, on that site where it would cost me a whopping two-fitty to get them removed, thusly funding the much-needed psychiatric treatment that Craig Brittain is in desperate need of, he (Ex) needed to get both a hobby and a personality. I wasn’t at fault for him losing respectable male friends because he was bashing a woman he fucked when he was thirty three and she was all of seventeen to nineteen years of age. That’s why he lost friends last night. Those men learned basic math and were able to conclude that not only have I not even hit the age of Ex when he was first fucking me, but I was underage when we did first screw. Plus, I had some print outs of his webpage where he was hitting on a known fourteen year old girl. Think it was bad that he was fucking someone twelve years younger than him? How about him trying to pick up a girl thirty one years younger than him!

Ex’s page as of this evening is now a wasteland of  “This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.” and posts that suddenly focus on gardening rather than the hair growing in the palms of his hands.

Ex’s Master Plan, after all, must have been to cause me some trouble, since nudes of me don’t exist I was fearless! Topless, yes. Nude? Nope. The point still is that he tried to cause me drama with insane people who don’t know I exist — and I’d like to keep it that way! A few years back I fucked around with a different guy and sent him random nudes from some user-submitted porno site, leaving the watermarks on the photos, and by the end of our conversation, leaving said images hosted on the site, and he never clued in that I was throwing him for a loop, fucking with his shriveled, dehydrated brain, and that when he “threatened” to publish those random pussy photos, I really didn’t care. Publish ‘em. Maybe your PageRank will go up. They aren’t of me, so I don’t care! But sorry, Ex, I can’t get your friends back for you, I can’t change your past and make you a decent guy, and I can’t post to your webpage, so the hole you find yourself in tonight was freshly dug by you and your hatred for a woman who has moved on from the teenage junkie you knew over half her lifetime ago.

But I’m sure you can just bat those beautiful eyes of your’s and make a million more friends. Right? RIGHT?!


Tonight’s LULz was brought to you by:

The scam-bustin that started here.

Wikipedia LULz here.

Trahan thinks he’s a “ninja” Seth is a real Ninja!!

If it ever ends between Dennis and I, I’d love to have any one of those fine gentle-men lawyer boys, or Seth, as a replacement.:) Love to Adam, Marc and Mr.Popehat for keeping the internet clean of scum like Brittain and Trahan. The internet and the entire human species could use more men like you. Bless you.


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