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About My Pages

A short history on my web projects, domains, blogs, and digital debauchery.

comatised, the website phenomenon, was thought up in the early days of 2001. In January, 2001, the domain, comatised.com, was purchased, after a year of blogging at crimsonsparkle.net. It was uncertain what comatised.com would hold, since I already had a blog, and I had no idea what I was doing, site and HTML wise. In May 2001, I discovered my father was reading my blog on crimsonsparkle.net, and fed up, I deleted the blog from the domain. All files, all pages. I had a hiatus page there until February 2004, stating that I was no longer interested in the site. In April 2001 I had started a small “testing” blog on comatised.com. It was in its own directory on the domain, and it was quite small. Only my web friends knew of it. By my 21st birthday in June 2001, I had a small following around the web. I blogged there religiously, while using my .nu for a photo hosting site.

In February 2002, I purchased my last domain, frozen-star.net and left it at that. I have not purchased a domain since that day in 2002. I have had many domains given to me, and I have used those domains, but I have never sought out to acquire my own domains.

To this day, Pixie.nu is still used to host my photos. Crimsonsparkle.net is an experimental and design site. Comatised.com is my main blog site, and Frozen-star.net went back to eNom. I have never tried to hide who I am online. I am just me. There is no one else like me and no one else who can be me. I don’t care if my father reads my blog entries now, because I am no longer afraid of him disowning me over them. If he is that shallow, then so be it. I lived without him for the first seventeen years of my life, and I can certainly live without him for the rest of my life, if need be.

Having three active domains doesn’t mean that I have no life. I have them for different purposes, and a lightening fast computer, so I just upload my projects onto different websites. I can access all three domains from the same FTP client login (GO DREAMHOST!). I am a very organised person, and I use WordPress to update all three sites. It really takes no time at all to upload or update my sites. I enjoy what I do, and I usually multi-task. For example, I have the TV on right now and I am watching a movie as I type up this page. I may not be able to tell you the colour of the main actor’s eyes, but I feel as though I am following the story pretty well. :)

I don’t consider Twitter, Myspace and Facebook as my presence on the web. I have had a personal domain since 1999, and I enjoy designing pages, putting my story out there for others to read, as well as helping others who may be going through the same issues. Having your own domain is a form of freedom for me. Freedom to speak your mind and not have to worry about hurting the feelings of the admins of a free site hosting company, or breaching their terms of service; paid servers are a little more flexible about what you can publish on their servers. Freedom of design. Freedom of full-sized, raw photos. Freedom to do almost anything you want. I do, however, consider Twitter, Myspace and Facebook as a part of my presence on the web. I enjoy them as much as the next person, but I would hate to have to rely only on them to express myself on the web.


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