Treatment #9 Monday, December 29, 2014
Ninth treatment of sixteen. I can do this!
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comatised.com is a personal site. I do not accept advertising on my site in exchange for money. I do the occasional link exchange to other personal sites which are defined as a site that is updated 90% of the time for personal reasons. If your site is mostly PayPerPost gibberish or contains more Google Ads/paid Ads, don’t even ask me for a link exchange.

I believe in quality on the web and I feel that when bloggers accept paid endorsements, a creatively written blog is no longer of good quality. The same applies for web design. If your website is hard to read, has many typos, is written in any language other than American/English, Aussie/English or English, I cannot link to you because I cannot read your site. You may be a terrorist, for all I know. If your site is poorly designed to the point that it is impossible to be read on FireFox for a G5 iMac/Intel MacBook Pro, or takes forever to load, I will not link to you. This includes, but is not limited to, excessive flashing graphics, teeny text, extremely large text, font faces that are difficult to read, painful colour schemes, very poor grammar and spelling, sticky caps, MP3s or other sound that automatically blasts when your page is loaded, java scripts that change browser sizes, pop up/pop under ads, and ads promoting illegal activities and pornography.

Because this is a personal site, my opinion here may not be that of the majority of the world at hand. I do not always feel what is popular. I will, however, promise that I will express my opinion in a mature, well-mannered matter, and I expect if you want to respond to my opinion, you treat me with respect, even if you do not agree with me. The same goes for technology issues with my site. If it looks like crap on your browser, tell me! I encourage feedback and constructive criticism. Calling me a whore/bitch/cunt/slut/dyke/breeder is not constructive criticism. I also accept that there are times when I am wrong, whether it be with my opinion or something I am attempting to do. I appreciate respect in telling me I’m wrong. If you see your response starts with calling me a vulgar name, I’d appreciate it if you’d just back-space that comment away and go voice your ‘help’ on some other site.

I am a fun-loving, crazy, sarcastic, happy person. Or at least that’s what the Prozac makes me think I am. Please read my site with a sense of happiness and don’t take everything too seriously. Whether it’s on my site or in life. You’ll live longer and piss off your enemies more. :)

Any email sent to me is fair game to be posted on my blog and mocked by the general public. However, take a look at my blog. In the nine years I’ve had a blog, I’ve never had the joy of publishing an email on there, and I’ve had some pretty psychotic people email me on the web, so I’m sure whatever you send me won’t be post-worthy.

Please do not comment under a proxy or a false name. Your comment will not be published and your proxy will be banned from commenting.

I don’t engage in post wars or anything lame like that. My personal site is about me and me alone, not the crazies on the internet. There are plenty of sites out there that tell about the horrors of the web, my site is a step in a different direction, and it is a positive experience.

If you emailed me, please be patient in a reply. I use an older computer that takes forever to download emails and pages, added to the fact that I am a full time student and a full time mom, so if I don’t reply the day of your email, I will. Eventually.

Don’t ask me to update or post pictures or sensitive information. It’s my site, my rules. I post what I am comfortable with. Anyone who has a library card can see this site. If you’re interested in my more personal life, I have a journal that I keep online with the juicy stories in it. Ask and ye shall receive! The link that is. ;)

I sometimes ask for card exchanges during my birthday or Christmas. If you’d like to send me a card, you’re more than welcome. You don’t even have to put a return address on the card. However, I understand that some people are wary of even sending a card to a post office box. I can understand that. As much as you’re uncomfortable with sending a card to a post office box, I am uncomfortable with posting my physical address on the internet or sending it to ‘complete strangers’. I know that many people think that because they read my site and enjoy it, I’m not a complete stranger to them. But they are to me. If you want my physical address, email me. If I know you, I will send it to you. I just ask that you not publish it on the web.



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