Treatment #9 Monday, December 29, 2014
Ninth treatment of sixteen. I can do this!
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frozen-star.net is brought to you by my paycheck and a lack of better things to do. You might know me from other places on the web, and that’s cool. I don’t try to hide who I am, but I am forgetful and might not remember.

This was the third domain I ever registered and I got it back in 2001. Long time, huh? That’s nothing. I have a domain that was registered in 1999 and I still use it. I still use the second domain I ever registered, in early 2001. My last registered site was in 2002 and I still have that domain as well! I’m a creature of habit and I like this site.

What’s was a wintergale? Nothing, really. I just wanted a pretty domain name that wasn’t too long. My .org and .nu were too long for me. I’m moving away from the trendy, hyphenated, .nu type domains (but not hyphenated .nets!). I just want to be and write. I don’t have a controversial point of view, and I don’t care who reads my blog anymore.

My site is a dictatorship. I can choose to not allow your comments through. I can choose to ban your IP. I can choose to ignore you. I choose not to blog about you. With my choices, you have some choices too: Blog about me daily, thus pushing my PR through the stratosphere, lie about me and make yourself look stupid, or move on. I suggest the latter.

The opinions expressed on this website are simply that; opinions. If you cannot distinguish between opinion and fact, leave this website before I indoctrinate you or otherwise. Remember, words are just words, they cannot harm you. I will never try to censor you, so do not try to censor me. Everyone has a right to free speech. Also; I express my opinions in my own personal webspace. I will never invade another person’s webspace with my opinion unless invited to do so. You have come to my website on your own free will, and if you don’t like what I have to say, I encourage you to leave.

In addition, I cannot be held responsible for the behavior of others. Everyone is governed by their own free will, and not, as you may believe, by me.

frozen-star.net is hosted by the fabulous Mandy and re-registered privately through GoDaddy in 2004 through 2011.



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