Treatment #9 Monday, December 29, 2014
Ninth treatment of sixteen. I can do this!
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My site is about empowerment. It’s about being depressed, but choosing to be happy. It’s about recovery and not seeing that mole hill as a mountain. It’s about fighting despite the odds. It’s about bravery and artistic skills. It’s about laughter and sarcasm. It’s about taking pictures at the wrong moment. It’s about writing coming from the soul and thoughts coming from the heart.

This site is brought to you by Godaddy.com registrations, LogJamming.com hosting, MovableType.org website publishing, my paycheck and a lack of better things to do.

I’ve had my domain name “comatised.com” for years. It comes from the Leona Naess song and album, “Comatised”, and was chosen and registered for me by Josh. He registered this site for me because the .net my dad registered for me in 1999 was being ambushed by my family members, looking for things I had published on there to use against me. Josh says he chose the name because I loved the song and album and because I use the British/Canadian/Australian spelling and grammar to publish blog entries.

In June 2009 it was transferred to me 100% and it is now my financial responsibility to keep the site afloat. I plan to register it for 10+ years when I get the funds.

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