Treatment #9 Monday, December 29, 2014
Ninth treatment of sixteen. I can do this!
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NaBloPoMo November 2013

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Like a poem poorly written
We are verses out of rhythm,
Couplets out of rhyme,
In syncopated time
Lost in the dangling conversation
And the superficial sighs,
Are the borders of our lives
Alias: Jamie The Oddity
Gender: Female, right? o.o
Aged: 30 long years
Model: STiB (shortish tall-in-betweenish)

Features: meduim red hair; icy blue eyes
Runs On: prozac and ice cream
Manufactured: Across the Pond, UK
Built-In: lazylazylaziness, inept, clumsy and prone to accidents, uncontrollable imagination, profound contemplations, extreme procrastination, inability to work Jasc properly, web-designing frustrations, an odd combination of introvertism, extrovertism, hypocritism, and frequent fluctuating morbid mood swings and severe perpetual-ish insomnia.

There aren’t many rules. Share. Be yourself. Smiles are mandatory. Laughter is necessary. Don’t tiptoe around the scary stuff. Be honest. There’s plenty of love to go around!

I try to keep a positive outlook on life, and I want people to read my blog for something positive. There’s so much negativity in the world that I just want to have a place that’s all my own. I am a high energy, intelligent young woman who loves life. I’m a creator of smiles and laughter with a mischievous side that is nothing short of infectious.

I began blogging, roughly, in 2000. You might remember me from nuclear-winter.nu and acrossthesky.org, plus another domain that is still up and running, despite me not really updating it much. I have had a site off and on since then. Oh, scratch that, I’ve had a site since then, but I have had a blog off and on since then. Yes, somewhere in the archives of my domain are eight years of my life. I enjoy blogging, writing, and I strive to be the best at what I love: Writing. Writing is hard. Dealing with editors is hard. But when you love something, it’s all worth it in the end.

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