Treatment #9 Monday, December 29, 2014
Ninth treatment of sixteen. I can do this!
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Snarky Stalky

Mar. 15th 2014

My page rank has gone up. ;)

I should thank my stalker — because of her, there are more and more people coming to my site. I’ve gotten zero negative comments and plenty of people have commented to tell me how lovely this or that is with my site. I assume they are coming from her sites. They could have been people who have visited me all along. I just think the influx of visitors around the time that she made her hate shrines is coincidental at the least. I wonder what the purpose of her doing this was? Could it be that she doesn’t know that I know where all my sites are? Was she making it easier for me to remember where they were by making a page with them all listed? I don’t have amnesia that badly! I can remember the first website I ever made. I think it’s still online somewhere.

Enough snark.

I’ve started keeping myself really clean these past few days. I’m not sure what the occasion is, but I’m sure there will be some benefit from washing my hair every night and taking a bath. My hair, what’s left of it, feels like silk, I blame my new shampoo. I don’t even condition it and it is silky smooth. I feel like I have a doll’s hair. Silky, smooth, radiantly red hair. I’m also getting over my skin rash I got from playing in the chemicals at work. I come home every day with my hands beet red. Gloves do next to nothing to keep that from happening. Good thing it’s not toxic, just a little irritating, or I’d be in deep trouble.

Dennis and I are going to try to go out sometime this Spring Break. I just want to go riding around like we used to, but he wants to go to the movies. I don’t think there’s anything good playing, but he insists there is. Probably some lame action movie that I don’t want to see, and we’ll end up in different auditoriums at the theater before I get bored completely and go wait out in the car. It’s happened before. I don’t want it to happen again. We need to work on us. We need to find something to do that we can agree on. I want us to succeed, but there is so much that I can’t get through to him. Like our tastes in movies. We just can’t decide so I think we should avoid going to the movies all together. Still, it’s fun to be sitting in a dark theater, being able to make out or fondle one another. ;)

I have to get to bed. Going to be early on a Saturday evening. I have to use up the five discs that I have here in archiving our external drive incase it malfunctions. I haven’t made a back up disc in years. I’m a little rusty at it. But it’s still fun, as long as I avoid the movies section. That would take forty two discs, and I just don’t have that much space, even with double sided DVDs.


New Year’s Eve

Dec. 31st 2013

I’m excited for tonight!

Not only am I going to a New Year’s party, get drunk off my ass, but I’m also changing the theme here. I have had this theme up for at least a year. I think my blog needs a little grown up look. I already changed the theme over at Stellar! and I wanted to pick a theme that matched here, but I have something really good that I am going to put up. Good and pretty. :) I have to pick and choose what widgets I want to use, since I want the blog to be a little more adult-ish.

I’m sure my attempt at web design while drunk off my ass is going to be hilarious at least. I can barely get it to work when I’m stone sober and  it’s a mess. I’ve done more fuck ups on this site with HTML and WordPress than I care to discuss. It’s really amusing that I can’t get this right after having a domain since 1999, back when I used Word to update my pages.

I feel shaky thinking about getting drunk tonight and seeing some friends. I need the chance to get out, but if anyone asks, I won’t be drinking. :) I made sure that I promised that I wouldn’t drink, and I’m really planning to drink all along. I want to have some fun too! Besides I have been clean all month. I tried really hard not to do anything that was dirty, even if I was in horrible pain. Some times I almost fell from grace. But I have the love of Dennis and my friends behind me. I feel like I could do anything!

I finished Book #26 today. That will be mailed out on January 3rd. Book #27 is going to be a little different in structure but the writing and the pictures will be the same. It’s a must read, and I hope that everyone reading this gets on the mailing list to get their chance to read Books #26 and #27. I really wrote a lot in these books, so I hope that it’s a big hit on The Paper Project.

Dennis wrote and put together a new love song for me. I’ve never been so lucky as to have a love like him in my life. I’ve never been in love like this before. Sure there are guys who will buy a woman flowers and candy, but do they ever sing to them and sing well? Do they write love songs just for them and put the entire band through several sessions for a song that the general public will never know of? That’s what I have. I have what no one else has and if you have someone who loves you like that, you have something no one else has either. I am a very happy, very lucky, very much in love, person. I’m glad that I gave Dennis a second chance because now I have more than I could have ever dreamed of!

And on that note, I am off to go party my ass off! Happy 2014 everyone!


iPhone 5S

Dec. 5th 2013

Yesterday, Dennis and I got a package from Apple. It was two brand-new iPhone 5s’s! As usual, I took pictures of the whole unboxing:



DSCN3975 DSCN3977 DSCN3976


My old phone next to my new one:


Yes, they have identical cases. I  just loved my case that much. :)

Overall, I’m really happy with a new, fast phone. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. The only downfall is that I am stuck with AT&T, but oh well. At least I got a new phone! Be happy for me! :)


Life Without A Computer

Sep. 9th 2013

So my computer died. At least I got the site working before the battery exploded and corrupted the motherboard. I was offered a new MacBook Pro, but I repaired mine. I love this computer. I got it as a gift for going back to school, from my nephew who was on disability. Besides, a new motherboard, some legs and a brand-new battery, and it was running as good as new. The best part? I did all that work on my own! I didn’t think I could, but I did!

So what was life without a computer like for me? Easy! I went out with Dennis twice since the computer broke down, I was able to attend a PTA meeting for Chloe’s school, I took some weird and funny pictures and posted them on FaceBook, and I picked out some things I’m going to buy this coming Thursday. So it wasn’t all that bad. Plus some things still work on my phone, so I wasn’t completely internetless. I’m sure if I really wanted to get online I could have used Dennis’s laptop.

I have a treatment coming up this Friday. Something I’m not looking forward to. I’m always so tired after I have those treatments. But we’re loaded up with Fentanyl (It’s been a month since I last had any of that), Norco and Morphine. I’m ready for it! Bring it on, baby!!

Have a good night, everyone!


Plugins Suck: The Hack Scare

Sep. 4th 2013

So the plugins broke my site. At least one did. It sent people to the About page and put up a 10% counter bar that some thought was a download from a hack. Weird plugin. I assume it was the maintenance plugin, since I was 10% done with working on a new theme.

I apologise for any hurt this may have caused anyone. Nothing should have been downloaded onto your computers, and nothing should have been harmed, not from my site, anyway. This is 100% my fault because I was super tired last night after uploading 3 GIGs of new themes before my membership ran out and I couldn’t get them, plus the plugins, all from ElegantThemes, and I did not cross check the site in Safari before going to bed. It all seems to be working now.

For the record, my site has never been hacked in a sense that people have gotten into it. I think there was a server-wide hack years ago that just replaced all the index pages, but there has not been anything recent. Sometimes my site redirects to ringsurf sites, but that is a malfunction with them. Since I don’t get a lot of hits (any) from them, I’m thinking about taking them off the site.

I also want to thank Mike for alerting me of this. (I don’t have his site here at work, but I will possibly change this when I get home)

This is why WordPress is not something I should be using, but there’s not much of a choice because Blogger no longer works on personal sites. So you have WordPress and you have MovableType. MovableType is a CGI-based program that malfunctions on my host.

If anyone has any alternatives to WordPress, feel free to leave them in the comments. I will appreciate any help at all.


Labours Of Love

May. 24th 2013

I spent a few hours on the site, jazzing things up for now, and asking on forums what I can do to make it better. I really want to make the site “prettier” if I can.

My mother is going to be coming home, so the hospital says, but they said that it’s going to be a long time to rehabilitate her. I’m happy that it’s even a possibility!!

Today was the last day of school for Chloe, and guess what? She didn’t bring home a yearbook or her class pictures. I paid over $150 for two yearbooks and over thirty pictures of her and her class. I’ve already filed a complaint with Josten’s, but I’m not sure how well it will do with the three-day weekend coming up and people just busting to get out of their offices and get to their vacations for the summer. I wish I could relax and have a good start to summer, but the whole idea of losing $150 is really unsettling with me. I emailed the school and they said she wasn’t there on picture day. I know that’s not right because we got a receipt from the photographer.

Working on the site reminded me how bad my back truly is. Cancer eating through a spine is a real doozie. Don’t let it happen to you! Just sitting here for an hour really hurts. So editing the pages, tearing my hair out, crying to Josh via webcam, and all that other shit was truly painful. I hope that if you’re passing this site you at least leave me a comment telling me how awesome I did on the site! Or leave me some constructive criticism! I’d appreciate either/or.

I never got that sex I’ve been craving. I’m sure you wanted to know.

Have a good night!


World’s Worst Mother

Apr. 6th 2013

I believe I made history yesterday when I was confronted by my SEVEN YEAR OLD’s home room teacher. She accused me of being an abusive, neglectful parent because my daughter is “six weeks from going into the fourth grade,” yet she doesn’t have a cell phone. A smart phone, nevertheless. What would I do if my girl got lost or abducted??? I’d call the police. That’s their job.

It seems as though Chloe is the only student in the third grade and up who does not have a smart phone. She’s also the only student who is making straight A’s, and will probably be the only virgin to graduate in her class, while never doing drugs, even if they have been made legal in the next eleven years.

I’m not sure why the school thinks she needs a phone. She has our cell phone numbers, she never goes off alone without one of her parents, and she knows how to work our phones, incase something happens to one of us cannot use their phone.

Would you give your 7 year old a smartphone just because she is the only kid in her class/level without one? What about ear piercing? Is seven too young for ear piercing? I’m more worried that her piercings would get infected than she would lose an earring or swallow one.



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