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The Little Things

Jan. 8th 2011

Just a quick note to let everyone know that I reply to most comments here on my site. When I reply to these comments, an email is sent to the email address of the commenter that I have replied to.

However, sadly, due to my harasser(s) reporting my blog email address to gMail’s spam center, those replies are being bounced and sent to spam folders. So you’re probably not going to see it if I reply to your comment, unless you come back to the site and click on the comment bubble.

These are just some of the little things my harasser(s) have(s) done that makes my online life a little harder. The other part is they publish novel-sized comments here and on my journal, though those comments are never approved, to let me know how badly they hate me. I know who is doing this, and I am choosing to ignore them, for now. These things don’t bother me. These cowardly acts of commenting, reporting me for spam, lying to my host and claiming I’m hosting photos of them on the server, and so fourth. They’re little annoyances, much like when a fly gets in and keeps landing on you. But also like that fly, if it annoys me much, I’ll capture it and put it outside. Where it belongs. To go bother some cattle or another unfortunate person. But if it bothers another person, it may take on the risk of getting smashed.

Just something to think about. :)

Hope everyone’s weekend is starting out good!

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A Bad Mother

Jan. 3rd 2011

I have another star. *grins* I am so loved, right? Or maybe Matt just wanted to make me feel better since things are starting to get bad again. I’ll make it just fine. I always have. I’m always alone when these things go down, but I’m used to it by now. I know that I am truly the only one I can count on. I shouldn’t read what they write, but I am curious. I’m called a bad mother because I don’t exploit my children on the internet. I don’t attempt to get hits by posting dozens of photos of my kids on the great web. I am a bad mother because I don’t exaggerate my daughter’s illness in exchange for hits.

I think of this site like a diary. I write what is on my mind. Perhaps that’s the wrong thing to do with a blog. I don’t know. Perhaps when writing on a blog, a mother should exaggerate her child’s illness, post hypocritical entries about how she hates bullies, and then turn around and bully someone else for their personal choice of what they put on their site.

I like what I do with this site. If others don’t, well, then, they don’t have to visit. I really don’t do this for the hits. I do it because I feel I have something to tell the world, and I want to release these words, thoughts, and feelings from deep inside me. I love to write. For the past twenty years, it has been a private dream of mine to be published. I have decades worth of stories saved on computers, from type writers, etc. I want to get them published, but I have other things that I’d rather be doing.

Then there’s sex.

Oh yes.

If you’ve had a baby, you can no longer have sex, especially if the child is in the house and sleeping. That simply means you’re a sex fiend and a pervert and your child is being sexually abused. What…? Yes, my harasser really put that in the report she made on me. Wow. I bet the social workers laughed their asses off over that! How many of us wouldn’t be here if our parents stopped having sex after their first child?

Oh well.

Doesn’t bother me any. But it sure does make for a humorous read. Takes a boring evening and makes it pretty entertaining.

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Sep. 17th 2010

Ok, elsuenos with the AOL IP, here’s your entry. You can stop leaving comments for me because I really don’t care what you have to say about me. You don’t know me very well, but I think I know who you are. I should hook you up with Liar so you and her can get together for tea and crackers and see who can come up with the most ridiculous lie about me and then try to break that record.

Seriously. I haven’t approved your comments in over a year, if ever. You can stop trying.

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Party’s Over People

Sep. 14th 2010

Thank you to everyone who sent me support in the last 12 hours or so. I appreciate it!

Since I got some complaints about errors on my site, I sent my hosts a message to ask them what’s going on. I also edited my .htaccess file. Regardless of whether people are getting an error on my site or not, it’s not the end of the world (guys! I feel like GAWD or something here! Am I bigger than Jesus now? Is my site THAT important?! C’mon! You’re giving me a big head here!), it certainly is no excuse to steal my personal images, write lies about me, offer people cash and credits to “take me down” nor is it an excuse to write a fake blog in my name then fly off the handle because I banned them from stealing from me anymore and disabled their ability to take my entries and write sleezey versions of them on a blogspot site. I have the right to protect myself. Speaking of which, the insane person is now claiming they don’t know how my photos got on their domain, nor do they know how those entries got on their site. Sure. What ever you say. Occam’s razor says you’re full of shit and I agree 110% with it. I know if entries and images suddenly popped up on my site, especially ones I did not author or upload, I would be changing my password and doing my damnedest to get them off of the server and find out who did it so I could handle it. Not go insane over my victim. But that’s me. I’m sane. And normal. I think. :)

I also find it interesting that the fake blog in my name was suddenly updated early this morning/late last night after laying dormant since September 6th. It even had lines from the private email the person sent me. But hey, this is all coincidence, right? It’s not the same person doing all of this! I wonder if they have borderline personality? Are they a multiple? Do many personalities live in their head and they truly do not know who is using their body to do this? Do they truly not remember sending a message through Twitter to my friend James asking if he was my husband because they had something he ‘desperately needed to see’?

This is the last of this because after today, I won’t be addressing it. If the insane person wants to bump me up on the Page Rank food chain or Alexia, that’s great! I appreciate the five extra hits a month that I get! I still think they are doing this because I get nearly 500 hits a day and they want the attention. Seek it elsewhere!

I am still interested in forwards. jamierawks@gmail.com. Send me anything you get that seems weird or out of the norm.

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Continued Drama

Sep. 14th 2010

I apologise in advance for anyone who reads this and is sick and tired of all of this. I have been dealing with this for over a month now, and I do not particularly enjoy it, especially at this time in my life. I wish that anything else in the world was happening but this, however, I do not tolerate liars. I do not tolerate thieves, especially those on the web who feel this is particularly funny or a good thing to do. I hope this is the last time I have to post about this, and I have been in touch with the EntreCard head of support over this matter.

If anyone gets any email from the EntreCard user and known liar Recycled Frockery, is sending out emails to various EntreCard users because I banned her for stealing my personal photos, coming here on a proxy to attempt to bash me under other EntreCard user names, lying, continuing to lie, and then stalking and (I assume) trying to trap me into a bogus cyber romance. She is sending out the following to EntreCard users:

It saddens me that she is that angry, that spiteful over something I was not even involved with, but that she argued with Matt over. I was not even online the day she started this. I have nothing to do with it, except being the brunt of her abuse and lies.

However, I do not drop on any of her known sites. Of course, she has about ten domains, so there’s a good chance she’s got multiple accounts on EntreCard and I am dropping on one of her sites and not knowing it. I do not visit any of her known sites, in fact, I take extra precautions to not visit her sites by avoiding the entire LifeStyles category on EntreCard all together.

On September 7, about a week ago I banned her IP after my image reporting system emailed me to inform me that more of my images were being uploaded to recycledfrockery.com. Bluehost.com will do nothing about this, even though they know their customer is in the wrong. They have admitted this to both myself and Matt. They want me to scan/fax my ID and give them a copy, yet I know they will simply turn over their findings to that woman, and I don’t feel comfortable in doing so. Based on her insane behaviour online, I feel that the last thing I need is her doing the same, or worse, in the real world.

Being banned, she is probably seeing this page or my forbidden error.

I feel banning her was my right, and I was not wrong in doing so. Particularly in the sense that I have discovered her taking my personal images, such as those of my husband and myself, and the fact that several weblogs in my online pen name have popped up with the images Auset stole directly from this site. On the weblogs, there are mentions of me injecting my children with heroine, Doc Mick being my drug dealer, me having sex with Doc Dan (um, ew!), that I am making a dooms-day device either in my basement or work (!!) and various other sick little twists. I assume the ultimate goal is to forward this to my boss or my husband to make trouble for me in the real world. I dunno. I’ve never been that mentally ill, so I dunno what her motive is, other than she needs a hobby (something other than lying her ass off) and she needs to turn off the computer and discover that big, busy world out there.. I was over this a month ago.

For someone 25 years older than I am, this person certainly has a lot of time on their hands as well as being vindictive, vicious, and a predator. I have never met anyone so obsessed with taking me down in my entire life, and I hope I never run into someone this insane again.

If this person contacts you about me, please forward the email or file a complaint with the head of EntreCard support, Andrew, at drewte gmail. Also, because of a more serious matter, I need all her correspondence forwarded to me: jamierawks@gmail.com

I sent her this email, which I feel is very reasonable, a few moments ago. I sent it to her host’s abuse center, as well as her ISP’s abuse center. Though I doubt they will do anything about it. She is now bribing people to get me thrown off the web. Where does the hatred come from?
Dear Auset,
To let you know, I get 450+ visitors per day 99% of the people who visit my site do so without any problems.

I banned your IP and all proxies on my site on September 7, 2010 because you took content from my site, uploaded it to your own, lied about me and you continued to do this until the day I banned you. For someone who dislikes me as much as you do, for something I did not do, you seem very concerned with me, and that scares me. I have no desire for you to visit my site, steal my images and write lies about me. I have no desire for my content to be republished, without my permission, on another site, with lies attached to them. As a writer, you should know that is unethical as well as illegal. It is called copyright infringement.

Do not try to tell me that you did not take my content; I have proof that you have. Bluehost.com is also my witness to this.

Do not try to tell me you enjoy my site, because you do not. You are now bribing people to help you take me down? That is ridiculous. They simply warned me about you.

You have written lies about me; trying to make me into something that I am not because I have pain medication for cancer.

I have, however, been in personal contact with the head of Entrecard support. This war you think you are having with me is ridiculous. Why are you doing it? What do you hope to gain from this? What is the point? What started it? Was it because you thought I warned or caused you a warn back in August? That was not me, and it was not held against you in the Entrecard system. It did not have to go further than the system’s private messaging service, and you’ve made a mountain out of a mole hill. Just so you know, bluehost.com is not backing you up with your claim that they installed the script on your site that banned people, but that is beside the point.

As for your complaint about me buying ad space from you, had I known that you had multiple domains on Entrecard, I would not have done so. I have no desire to communicate with you or be associated with you at all. In fact, I avoid entire parts of EntreCard so that I do not visit sites that I knew belonged to you.

I am uncertain why you want to continue this. I do not post about you, but I will and do defend myself, when necessary. I have proof of everything I have posted and I am keeping records of it, should this go offline, which would be your move, since I have never taken the first blow in all of this, just swung back. I have to ask why you choose to do this. You claimed on your recycled frockery site that you considered me a friend, yet these actions are not that of someone I would have ever considered an associate, never mind a friend.

I am also uncertain as to why you would want to continue to visit the site of someone you hate as much as me. I have never experienced so much hatred in my life, and I have worked in psych wards and moderated drama communities. Where does this hatred come from? Who taught you to hate like this? Why hate someone you have never met face to face? That I do not understand. I do not hate you, even after all of this. I do not even dislike you. I forgive you. I feel that you are missing something in your life, and you think you are filling that void by bashing me and trying to take me down.

My advice is that you go outside for a while. Throw a ball around. Go to a bookstore and mingle with flesh and blood people. If you want to start a revolution and fight against someone or something, get involved with politics or a campaign to fight cancer. Picket outside prisons or outside the homes of sex offenders. Don’t do it by blogging about someone who has done nothing to you and you do not personally know.

Despite what you choose to do, I hope you find peace in your life and mind. I hope you learn to overcome that hatred you have for me. If you hold onto hatred for very long, it will take a hold of you. It will consume you and make you a lonely person. I know this from experience.

I am also sorry it has come to this — I looked back through some of the comments you left me, and they were nice. It is too bad that your current actions have jaded this. You seemed like a nice, awesome person.

I have to ask you to not attempt to visit my site, and if I know of any site of yours I will not visit it or drop on it. I also have to ask you to remove any content that you have uploaded of mine anywhere. If you are the owner of “The Drug Slut Jamie” on Blogspot, please remove that too. I do not think you are, I think someone is setting you up, but if I am wrong and you control it or knows who does, please remove it.

You may consider this your notice that I want my content removed and I no longer want to correspond with you.


This email was intentionally sent to the following people:

She owns the pod131.com as well. O-O

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New Host?

Aug. 23rd 2010

I am looking for a new webhost. Seems like all I do lately. Beg for hosting, update once or twice a month with actual content that people actually care about, go back into hiding. I’m really turned off to free hosts, such as Blogger and wordpress.com, and I really don’t want to have to pay for domain hosting or to have a blog. I’m thinking of just begging people to host me, but there’s that factor of the person may or may not cancel my site while I’m sleeping. That’s always something I worry about. So, I spend some good time making friends with people who have Dreamhost accounts or have their own servers. Then, after about a year, I ask for hosting. The friend I’ve made is the icing on the cake.

Recently, if my Oxy-abused brain serves me right, I was told that the friend who currently hosts this site, and all of my sites as well as Matt’s site, is leaving the web. This leaves me with a few options:

1. Grovel back to Typepad.com.
2. Grovel back to Josh.
3. Find a free domain host who will let me cuss and rant and rave and not remove my site.
4. Actually pay for webhosting.
5. Throw in the towel.

I have left off finding a new friend to host me because, frankly, I don’t trust people anymore, if I don’t know them face-to-face. Sorry. It’s just too easy to hide behind the keyboard these days.

So, that leaves the one or two people who still come here with some options:
1. Recommend me a good host. Free hosts first. No referrer shit.
2. Comment and tell me to put on my big girl panties and actually pay for webhosting.
3. Buy me hosting.
4. Nothing.

Advice would be nice, especially since I’ve had a pretty shitty day at work. I had to work a double shift because Lance came in the lab and took advantage of me sitting at the table with ear buds in, snuck up behind me, and slapped his hands over my eyes. He says he asked, “GUESS WHO?!” and I didn’t hear him, but body-slammed him. I tore my ear buds off to give him hell for that. “What are you doing?!” “OW….[sobs] I was just playing! GAWD, what’s wrong with….OW!!” It turns out I dislocated his shoulder. As a peace offering, I worked his shift while he laid in the hospital trying not to get addicted to the morphine the nurses gave him.

Back to the hosting thing.

Any recommendations?

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Secret Admirer

Aug. 10th 2010

It appears that I have a “secret admirer”. They started emailing me on August 8, 2010 (coincidence?) and they always use a fake/untraceable emailer. I cannot respond to their emails, though I have a good idea who is sending them, so I’m just going to post them here. Seriously, I know she’s just craving attention at this point (sorry, no link back today. I will, however, continue to edit your comments so they point to your website because I feel you should stand behind your lies, even if they are lies. At least you believe them, right?), and I know she totally ripped these messages off from another anonymous emailer site. I figured that out when I got the first one. See, I know how to use Google. Google is not an Ultimate Secret to me. I also know this person spends waaaaay too much time on the internet because of their lacking flesh life, so naturally, it was the first place I decided to check. But for your amusement, here’s another Pathetic Installment of Pathetic Attempts At Trying to ‘PWN’ Me. Enjoy!

August 8, 2010 23:11
I read your blog and I have to say something to you.
Hey you are one of the most beautiful women I have ever saw. Your beauty is not only exterior but interior as well. I fell for you years ago, but because of your relationship, I kept my feelings quiet. You can do so much better than your current boy. I use boy because any real man would be so lucky to have you, he would do anything to make you happy. Please consider leaving him. He doesn’t deserve such a beautiful and fine woman as yourself. I will always be close by, ready to wipe your tears and kiss your soft lips…Whenever you are ready I will be waiting.

How sick is that? Some stranger who met me through my website? Honey, I’m flattered, but I think you’re a woman pretending to be a man, trying to trick me into something else for you to post on your web o’ lies.

The emails continued yesterday while I was sleeping:

August 9, 2010 4:02
I know i should not have e-mail you again but I love you so much i just cant hide my feelings for you I really do hope you change your mind.

August 9, 2010 15:33
I wish you were not married. I would love to fuck around with you. You are gorgeous. Your sexy hair makes my heart pound. That yummy ass gives me the biggest hard on I have ever gotten. I bet you taste great too. I probably could lick that clit of yours all night long. . . if only you were not married. I’m hard now just thinking of you.

When I didn’t respond (because I couldn’t!) I got this gem in my inbox:
August 10, 2010 16:09
Dang youre ugly You nose is huge How can you walk around in public and show that thing You also got those eyes on the sides of your head like a frog No wonder you dont got any friends now You are snotty and most people don’t want to be around you cause your a hypocrit phony and a slut everybody knows
See why you are a loner now cause you been mean and nobody wants you around go away already

you should seriusly get some work done on your big snowzer nose or else cover it up or hide

Wow. Pissed while I was at the dentist’s this afternoon? Attacking my nose? What the …? Am I supposed to sit at the computer and wait around for this person to email me from a fake remailer because they want attention on my blog? Links back? Hits? Am I supposed to put my life on hold to cater to this person’s lack of attention in the real world? Christ on a cupcake. This same person has been making regular attacks on me all week. I’ve been choosing to ignore them and not give them any more hits because they clearly have enough emotional and psychological problems in their life that have gone untreated.

I’m also well aware that the person probably didn’t research their methods of attack properly and expected me to reply with something like “OMG! I am srsly gonna leave Dennis 4U, anon on the web who fell in luv with me through my blog, even tho I dunno who U R!” so they’d have something to mock on their own site. Sorry it didn’t work out for you. I’m a bad person to troll or attempt to troll because I just don’t fall for it. I’m also smarter than this person gives me credit for; I’d never fall for an “online lover” email. C’mon. You’re middle-aged and you’re sending these things to someone young enough to be your daughter. I know it’s you. Your IP shows up at least 10-40 times per day here to see what I have to say, but in reality, you’re a better cure for insomnia than Ambien.

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